Komik Naruto Chapter 604

Naruto 604 Prediction (Uchiha Madara Real Plan)

(Scene shows Obito looking and feeling Zetsu’s Body covering him)

Obito: Wow! Your armor/skin feels have a healing effects. My wrecked right arm quickly heals with this. (pertaining to Hashiramas cells on his right body)

White Zetsu: We are from Hashirama Cells you idiot!!! as payment for the outfit kindly explain to us how poop experience is….

Obito: You stupid!!!! step right back im going out!!!!!

(Scene shows Obito quickly Punches and smashing the boulder wall: [Sharinggan activated])

White Zetsu: Waaahhhh!!!! dont be too rushed, be considerate that we lend you our armor!!! (also been crushed by Obitos rage)

Obito: Oooopps!! my bad idiot!!! (Excited on meeting and saving Rin and Kakashi)

(Scene Showing Obito running and jumping on trees fast)

Obito: (Thinking) Wait for me Rin, Kakashi I will help and save you two

(Scene Showing Madara back from the hidden base)

Madara: (Smiling) Great! my plan is good as where i want it to

White Zetsu: Ugh finally after being crushed by that Obito, (Forms again) This plan is ridiculous!! you might lose him!

Madara: No! Its just perfect you lied and lead him there…..

(Scene Showing a flashback.. Madara thinking of his plan and talking to White Zetsu while Obito is sleeping)

Madara: How was the boy doing? are you watching him carefully?

White Zetsu: Yes! actually he still thinks of those two and his sensei (Minato) I also hears him lately….

(Scene Shows Obito talking to himself in low voice)

Obito: Wait for Me rin, kakashi sensei… Im alive!!! just give me more time i finally adapt to this new body.

(Scene switches to Madara and White Zetsu)

Madara: Stinking Rat!! trying to break loose to your savior!! very well you leave me no choice…..

White Zetsu: hahahah we’ll begin anyway with your lies Madara.

Madara: Now go!!

(Scene switches to White Zetsu in a Forest)

White Zetsu: This will do good, (They are waiting for Mist Ninjas)

(Scene Shows 5 Mist Ninjas Patrolling near their Village)

Mist Ninja 1: Yo! kindly lead ahead, ill just pee and follow you thru..

Mist Ninja 2: Were going already, kinda scared there in the middle of this night alone!!!

Other Mist Ninja: hahahahaah!!!

Mist Ninja 1: Ha! you bastard, just wait there. haha

White Zetsu: Go other Zetsu!!!

(Scene showing One Zetsu sprouting to the ground)

White Zetsu: Thats right just hold him up high, (Making a thrust to the Mist Ninja and killing him via his vital points)

White Zetsu: Now its time to play in the middle of the night!!!

(Scene Showing Mist Ninja 1 jumping on trees and landed to his other companions)

Mist Ninja 2: Where youve been!! we taught you already gone home scaredy cat!!!

Mist Ninja 1: (Scene showing Mist Ninja 1 quickly rushes to the 4 Mist Ninjas and fainting them with his sword)

Mist Ninja 1: Hahaha you idiot!!! (his forms changed from Mist Ninja 1 to White Zetsu)

White Zetsu: Ok other Zetsu! suck up their chakras until they dried…..

White Zetsu: We will commence with Madara’s Plan afterwards!!!

(Scene showing zetsus feeding on chakras)

(Scene showing Kakashi and Rin with Minato at the Mist Village)

Mizukage (Father of Yagura): Greetings 4th Hokage of the Leaf!!

Minato: We mean no harm and tension with Mist Village, I know you have alliance with Stone Country which lately undergone war between the Fire Country. We just want to maintain peace with you as the 1st Hokage been done so far..

Mizukage: I respect the legacy of your late 1st Hokage, we are not interested in supporting Stone Country with its wars since its purpose and reasons is on both parties of the warring countries.

Minato: Aside from that, our main purpose is to deliver this message. It contains caution advices from Fire Countrys Elite Advisers of mine in assuring your plan.

Mizukage: Plan for what??

Minato: My Elite advisors knew that Mist Village are trying to contain its tailed beast to a jinchuuriki, we have no concerns about that but we are aware of the possibilities of other countries taking advantage of this delicate activity.

(Scene Shows Mizukage and Minato finally finished meeting)

Minato: Kakashi, Rin. This is your next mission, Kindly go back to konoha while I’ll just finalize my advocation for peace here at Mist Village.

Kakashi: Aye!! come on Rin!!

(Scene Switches to other Zetsus in the forest)

Zetsu 1: Ok, plan commenced,

(Scene showing 5 zetsus transforming to Mist Ninja [which they fed with chakra beforehand])

(Scene Showing Kakashi and Rin)

Kakashi: Look out!!! (pushes back rin)

Rin: Ugh!! Mist Ninjas!! whats goin on?? we just made a courtesy visit at your village..

(Scene showing 4 Mist Ninja pushing towards kakashi and 1 to Rin, and making them separated)

Kakashi: Shit i need to protect rin!!

(Scene showing Obito near the fighting area)

Obito: Is that kakashi???

(Scene showing Kakashi and Rin Fighting with Zetsus)

White Zetsu: It is time!!!

(Scene Showing Kakashi making a thrust with his Raikiri)

(Kakashi Kills 4 Mist Ninja)

Kakashi: Only one left!!!! Die you bastards!!!

(Scene shows kakashi thrust his whole arm with raikiri at the back of the Mist Ninja)

Mist Ninja: Hahaha you idiot!!! you killed me with your partner!!!!

(Scene Shows Rins Chest is ruptured by Raikiri)

Kakashi: NO!!!!!!!

(Scene Shows other Mist Ninja became Zetsu and they transform and join the land canvass)

White Zetsu: (zuzuzu) Silly Madara!!! WE ARE WATCHING THEM!!!! (zuzuzuzu) (White Zetsu Recorded the happenings)

(Scene Shows Obito shocked)


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